Friday, October 31, 2014

How to do What you Love.....


As I am in my second year of PGDM and getting redy to serve industry very soon it is necessary to think about " what I want to do in my life?", whether i love whatever I am doing right now or not ?. As already we all had a great debate and discussion in class about same and we also agreed that many of us landed in B-school because of some or other reason than actually want to be a manager. From our school days its been taught to us work and fun are two different things and work is always unpleasent, boring and unexciting. Whatever we love to do is always different from work and we should do in spare time. And story starts here.
   Many times we pretend that we are enjoying or we are loving what we are doing . And avoid asking questions to ourself cause we are pretty sure about answer. Many times we are not sure what exactly we want to do in life or wat we love to do but we should constantly keep searching answer of the same. We may follow someone whom we admire or we may choose careers which are prestigious and for same reason we should choose careers wisely . While choosing careers there can be n number of influencing factors like parents, money,prestige and so on. As I have already chose my career I can find a job /path in same field which may interest me and I can Enjoy my work.
 As writer in essay suggested two ways to love what you are doing one is organic way and another is two-route way I will follow two-route way. Because I have found my passion i.e I want to become critic and poet in marathi literature and I am constantly in touch with same. As my academics is completely different from my passion I always thought of earning money from work and spending it on What I love. 

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